Spread the word

Our next meeting is today, November 5th. Please invite your friends to become a part of this powerful group and help make a positive impact on those in need here in Santa Fe, without the time-consuming effort we all associate with fundraising. (Yes, it IS possible!) But we need your help. Tell your friends!! Spread the word. Post about us on Facebook. Tweet us! We need more women involved to reach our goal of raising $10,000 each time.
Here’s a reminder of how we do it:

  • We’ll meet for one hour, four times a year.
  • We’ll put names of charities in a hat and draw out three.
  • We’ll hear a short, five-minute presentation about those charities.
  • We’ll vote for the one we’d like to support.
  • To the winner, we each either individually or as a team give $100.
  • With 100 women (and teams of women) we will raise $10,000 each time and $40,000 a year!

If $100 is too steep, bring a friend and split the donation. You each pay $50 and share the vote. OR bring three friends and donate $25. Just remember: $100 equals 1 vote. We have been raising around $6,000 each meeting. Let’s at least make it $8,000 tonight!!

Thanks and see you soon!

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